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Columbus Day In Mexico

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Christopher Columbus might’ve “discovered” Mexico along with many other countries that were already inhabited, but Mexico has decided to pull the plug on his likeness and is taking steps to wash themselves of his legacy.

According to Raw Story, Mexico has decided to remove a statue of the infamous colonizer that stands tall in Mexico City and will replace him with one of an indigenous women because, duh. The move was announced yesterday (September 6), just days before Mexico’s 200th independence anniversary. If Donald Trump was still President you know he’d do something punish Mexico removing a statue of a murderous colonizer who helped jumpstart white supremacy on a continent inhabited by indigenous people and original cultures.

Still, fret not Columbus fans, the statue won’t be destroyed as it will simply be moved to “a safe, dignified” spot according to the National Institute of Anthropology.

“It will be replaced by a sculpture of an indigenous Olmec woman made by the Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum said.

“It is precisely indigenous women who have perhaps had the greatest burden in the history of Mexico and to whom the least recognition has been given,” she said.”

Sheinbam also said that the move represented an act of “social justice,” along with the “recognition of 500 years of “indigenous resistance” since the Spanish conquest.”

We. Love. This.

Activist groups last year were preparing for a “We’re going to knock it down” protest on October 12, which would’ve coincided with the day Columbus arrived in the Americas in 1492. Looking to avoid any kind of social unrest or violent impulses, authorities decided to just remove the statue and replace it with a more deserving sculpture.

Just don’t be surprised if some MAGAts travel down to Mexico at some point and deface the new piece because Amerikkka.

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