Although he is the most soft spoken of the group, Banks has been renowned for his commanding presence in lyrics which has held him as one of the top lyricists to come out of New York.

As Lil Wayne did back in 2007, Banks has been heavy with the mixtapes with 4 officials under his belt since the beginning of 2009. Prepping a new mixtape, titled V5, the G-Unit soldier is going into full throttle as he has stated the next tape will be a double disc. No release date has been given, but the rapper has assured people to be on the lookout for it very soon.

Speaking with Whoo Kid on Sirius Satellie Radio Banks opened up on his work ethic in the booth whether it is just him handling his business alone or on group projects alongside Yayo and 50. For those new to the music, G-Unit is known for making the mixtape circuit as popular as it has become now when they were first beginning their climb in the industry.

“I mean, that’s back to where it started. Once we get in there, it ain’t really much talking going on, to be honest with you. It’s always been a good competition with us, it’s only competition. I mean, we don’t really need nobody else you know what I’m saying, because nobody else was here in the beginning. We’re locked in that room and it’s on and popping, automatic pilot. Probably about eight songs done a night, two days, that’s a mixtape.”

Along with the upcoming mixtape, Banks has also issued an open invitation to work with more lyrical rappers outside of his camp. Recently dropping a verse on Maino’s “Bandana”, fans can look forward to the punch-line king coming to arms alongside Juelz Santana and other unnamed New York rappers which should be coming in the near future.

Back in the days, the world was fully aware of how nice Banks was, but it also felt as though he preferred to stay in the background. Now trying to establish his own lane, fans should get themselves prepared for the lion to come out the cage and feel the ferocity of a rapper that has been playing possum.

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