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Since the genesis of formal educational training, students have griped to unfairness and atrocities found within the classroom, with most wrongdoing committed by the same people that have been tasked with shaping the minds of the future.

Nothing is done wrong in most cases but occasionally there is a case that presents itself otherwise. Glen Cooks Jr. has one of the aforementioned instances.

Five years ago Cooks was a senior at Walter L. Cohen High School in New Orleans, but unlike his fellow seniors, offered little reason to celebrate. On the verge of failing and becoming nothing more than a statistic, the senior did what any other student would have done in that situation, beg.

Kathleen Stokes, Cooks English teacher, lambasted the student about a lackluster effort that he gave on a term paper only to offer a simple solution to the rectify the grim looking situation. Cooks attests that it was at that moment Stokes offered to alter his grade for a price.

Glenn, I’m going to let you go. But you owe me big time. When you going to fork over that cash?”

That statement was immortalized via a tape recorder hidden in the senior’s book bag and is the central piece of evidence involved in the half-decade old lawsuit. The sly student also taped another conversation with his enterprising teacher. Both have been given to federal authorities.

Stokes adamantly attests to her innocence in the matter though she has not been able to explain her part in the matter nor her presence on the tapes.

Cooks graduated from Walter L. Cohen High School with a diploma that cost him over $1,200 in cash and miscellaneous presents.

Federal authorities have yet to seek an indictment in the case.

This is the alleged audio of Kathleen Stokes:

Glenn Cooks recording