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Dave Mays

Source: Dave Mays / press handout

It seems like just yesterday The Source was the go-to Hip-Hop magazine in the game. But while the brand isn’t enjoying the same kind of success they did in the 90’s, founder Dave Mays is still very much involved in the Hip-Hop culture and taking his views from the pages to the airwaves.

On September 29, Mays announced that he and business and finance heavyweight Kendrick Ashton have partnered to launch Breakbeat, a multi-media podcast network that will be dedicated to serving the interests and perspectives of the Hip-Hop community across the globe. The podcast network launched on September 28 with hopes of becoming a mainstay network as it works to create scripted, non-fiction narrative, news and discussion content going forward.

“I’ve had a 40-year love affair with Hip-Hop, and over that time, it has grown into the most important cultural force in the world,” said Dave Mays, co-founder and CEO of Breakbeat, in a press statement. “Podcasting is a fast-growing and influential industry that provides Breakbeat with the opportunity to develop and showcase a collection of distinct voices, perspectives and stories from the Hip-Hop culture. Our vision for Breakbeat is for it to comprehensively serve the Hip-Hop community with the love, respect, and authenticity it so richly deserves.”

So far Breakbeat features podcasts such as Don’t Call Me White Girl, with new shows like Culturati: Conversations with Kierna Mayo, and The Wrap It Up Show Starring Funny Marco set to debut in October.

Promising a diverse lineup of shows, Don’t Call Me White Girl will feature a “gritty Philadelphia native doesn’t hold her tongue as she delivers her unique brand of insight, advice, and commentary in this highly entertaining weekly audio-visual podcast,” while Culturati with Mayo—the founder of the beloved Honey magazine—will center around “cultural hot topics from the socio-political to the not-safe-for-work through engaging conversations with an array of important and fascinating thought-leaders, activists and celebrated artists, guided by a Hip-Hop Generation, dope AF Black feminist.”

Sounds like this is going to be big for the culture in the coming future.

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