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Source: Chuck Zlotnick / Disney

Now that Marvel’s What If…? animated series is a wrap (those last two episodes were off the chain), fans are (somewhat) eagerly awaiting the premiere of Disney+’s next MCU spinoff series, Hawkeye, and though it’s basically a month away, fans will be getting a holiday treat when it does drop.

According to Deadline, the hero with the bow and arrow will be debuting in his own series on November 24th with not one, but two episodes (a la WandaVision) so that heads who fill up on turkey will have more reason to not get up off the couch for a minute. Of course after its Thanksgiving Thursday premiere, the series will drop a new episode every Wednesday as that’s become Disney’s preferred day for Marvel-related shows.

To hype up the upcoming show, a new trailer has dropped which features arrows, explosions, beatings, and some comic relief. This show actually seems like it’s going to have more comedy than Marvel’s previous series. We’re not mad at that.

We’re not sure if Black Widow’s sister will have anything to do with the people hunting down Hawkeye (if you’ve seen Black Widow you know what we’re talking about), but regardless we’ll be watching and waiting to see why the least loved Avenger (no shots) is being targeted by a team of assassins.

Check out the trailer to Hawkeye below and let us know if you’ll be checking it out come November 24.