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Rihanna has been named “The Woman Of The Year” by Vogue Italia, the Italian edition of Vogue magazine.

In it, the Vogue editors sing Rihanna’s praises for her “sexiness and provocation” but also applaud her charity work with the fight against breast cancer as well as the fight against world famine.

Speaking further on their decision to give Rihanna the honors, Vogue Italia writes,

“It’s her, Rihanna, once a rising star of the r’n’b scene, she is currently the undisputed best contender to the role of queen of pop. You might wonder – wasn’t that supposed to be Lady Gaga’s title? Not, quite. […]

Independent, energetic, the jewel in the crown of Jay-Z’s stable who helped her become such a huge success, the young Robyn Rihanna Fenty (only 23) is our woman of the year and not just by virtue of numbers and figures but also, and foremost, for her kind and fighting spirit.

The same spirit that brought her from Barbados to the top of the music charts achieving a career which she has forged and mastered completely by herself (whose last move was to become the new ambassador for Armani).”

Vogue Italia also brought up Rihanna’s strength, noting her father’s drug addiction and her infamous incident with Chris Brown, both of which she’s overcome.

“Per aspera ad astra – read a Latin saying: nothing could fit Rihanna’s rise to success more perfectly. She has managed to cultivate her career despite the many tragedies affecting her private life: from her father’s addiction to crack (her manager until recently when she fired him in relation to the release of some unbecoming statements about her) to the violence caused to her in 2009 by the then boyfriend, Chris Brown. […]

May Rihanna enjoy her well-deserved title as for us; we can’t but wait –impatiently – for her next brilliant music hit.”

Rihanna previously posed for Vogue Italia in 2009 as their September/October cover story.

If you previously missed it, check out Rihanna’s coutoure looks for Vogue Italia below.

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