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Paper Boi Atlanta Teaser

Source: / FX

Donald Glover’s award-winning Atlanta series on FX is coming back, and we finally have a trailer. On Sunday (October 31), the artist still known as Childish Gambino dropped a link via Twitter that made you sort of hunt for the teaser.

The tweet sent you to, but its “hours” of operation are from 8pm to 3am because it’s a “nite site.”


So if you didn’t catch it at night, you missed it. But, this is the Internets, where people always find a way and you can watch it below. In the teaser, Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) is the only character from the series present, and he’s rocking gold chains and one of those Gucci sweaters from the brand’s “FAKE” collection.

Behind Paper Boi (last officially seen at the end of Atlanta season 2way back in May 2018), are what look like white servants facing a wall, their backs to the camera. The music heard in the background of the minute-long clip is Sun Ra’s “It’s After The End of the World.”

Will we know what’s going on once the season gets underway? That’s a 50/50 shot, but after getting pushed back from 2021, Atlanta is set to return in 2022. Finally.