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Chris Rock Slams Anti-Vaxxers & Kyrie Irving At Brooklyn Event

Source: Steve Russell / Getty

Chris Rock had time for anti-vaxxers and Kyrie Irving.

Wednesday (Nov.3), the actor/comedian clowned anti-vaxxers. Also, he took a swipe at the benched Nets point guard at an NFT Week event in Brooklyn that featured other artists like Lil Baby Questlove, Rich the Kid, and fellow funnyman Aziz Ansari.

While on stage, Rock hyped up the crowd by calling out anti-vaxxers at the event. After joking about wearing masks while attending concerts, Rock jokingly asked, “Where’s my anti-vaxxers at?” Strangely, his question got some cheers from people in the crowd who have to be vaccinated to attend the event per a New York City mandate. Rock quickly acknowledged the strange cheers by saying, “You dumb, Kyrie motherf******!!!”

The jab at Irving was quite fitting, being that it happened not too far from the Barclays Center where Kyrie Irving would be playing but was benched indefinitely by the team for his refusal to get vaccinated. Rock, an equal opportunity jokester, also took a swipe at Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine before leaving the stage, calling it the “food stamp of vaccines.”

It’s funny because Chris Rock got the Johnson & Johnson jab and suffered a rare “breakthrough infection” in September. He revealed his positive diagnosis in a tweet, saying, “Hey guys I just found out I have COVID, trust me you don’t want this. Get vaccinated.”

Rock being able to take the stage and continue to dish out jokes proves that his decision to get vaccinated was smart because the vaccine did its job and kept him out of the hospital.

Kyrie on the other hand, he’s just going to continue to be the butt of people’s jokes. But at least he has another superstar athlete in Aaron Rodgers taking the spotlight off him for the moment.

Photo: Steve Russell / Getty