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Rep. Cawthorn Holds Press Conference On First Responders Who Refuse Covid Vaccine

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White conservatives are undoubtedly the most manipulative people on this here Earth. Not only have they convinced themselves and their constituents that their bigotry and anti-intellectualism are actually just signs of them being “free thinkers”—despite the fact that they’re parroting narratives that have been regurgitated ad nauseam—but they even show that they’re willing to promote groups they’ve been bigoted against in the past, so long as said groups agree with their current talking points.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene—the walking swastika who somehow cartwheeled her way into a legislative position—is, well, a lot of things, but certainly Islamaphobic, allegedly.

She’s so Islamaphobic, in fact, that she once filmed herself ranting about an “Islamic invasion” of America that had nothing to do with Islamic extremism, but rather an invasion of people who have the nerve to run for office while committing the egregious crime of…being Muslim.

But on Monday (Nov. 8), Greene was not an Islamophobe. Well, she was, but she decided to call time-out on being a Muslim-hating bigot so she could big-up the Nation of Islam because apparently, some of its members are also anti-vaxxers who share her views on ignoring the way medical science or the constitution work.

During a tweetstorm that was apparently inspired by her recent visit to a Washington D.C. jail where accused participants in the World War White People rebellion are being held—because when the terrorists are white, they don’t make for a bad photo op as far as conservative politicians are concerned—Greene shared a bunch of screenshots of what she said was Islamic religious material being distributed around the jail.

By the end of her 17-part Twitter rant, she has reassured her fanbase full of people who bathe twice a month and think clapping on the one and three is anti-white propaganda that she’s “a Christian and am wholeheartedly thankful to be one,” and also that “the Nation of Islam newspaper was not found in the Patriot Wing with the J6 defendants”—because even while promoting common ground with the Nation, she couldn’t help put to take shots at Muslims to make sure her fellow Islama-haters didn’t think she was switching up on them.

But before she said all that, she had to make sure the world knew that even those pesky Islamic invaders agreed with her that vaccine mandates are wrong.

“Learning how opposed the Nation of Islam is to the #COVID19 vaccines, & already knowing how many Christians oppose the vaccines, we MUST ensure that Religious Exemptions are allowed for Vaccine Mandates,” she tweeted. “All vaccine mandates must end & children shouldn’t be vaxxed.”

Besides the fact that Greene has decided that a single Islamic newspaper issue she found in a jail serves as an actual telling of how all members of the Nation of Islam think, she also decided to gloss over the parts of the paper that talked about white supremacybecause that stuff doesn’t count; only the parts that agree with her are relevant.

It’s true that white Republican conservatives aren’t the only people who are against vaccines and mask mandates, but it’s also true that the majority of virtually every demographic except the aforementioned have come to glory on the fact that vaccines are keeping the general public safe and greatly reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread. And that’s why right-wingers are so desperate to find all this “common ground” with groups they would denounce with extreme prejudice otherwise.