In a recent interview with, R&B singer Miguel spoke on multiple sex topics including orgasms, sleeping in different beds, and how to properly send dirty messages.

Speaking on making women hit those high notes, 85% of men stated that their partner reached orgasm the last time they shacked up, only 64% of women reported hitting high notes their last time having sex

“Fail! I guess in our minds we’re great; ignorance is bliss. Why do girls fake it? Probably ’cause they’re tired and wanna get it over with. But it gives the wrong message. The guy’s gonna keep doing the wrong thing. If I make a girl cym, I’m trying to make her cum again. [Her orgasm is] like a cheerleader cheering me on, telling me to come in.”

With Roughly 24% of couples grab shut-eye in separate beds which can lead to stronger intimacy during daytime hours, Miguel speaks on the benefits of sleeping in different beds.

“We always want what we can’t have. You’re more appreciative of those moments that you do have togeher [when sex] is not so readily available. It’s like I Love Lucy with the two separate beds. Plus, double beds can make it more fun—you can move them around in different configurations and positions and move from one to the other.”

Miguel wrapped up his piece by speaking on why 80% of women claimed that texting, instant messaging, email and social networking in general led to sex faster.

“People are way more bold texting and Facebook-ing things than they are saying it. You might say something that’s a little more forward than if you were in person. I’m always on Twitter and BBM; it’s definitely, um, helpful. I try not to do it too much on Twitter, though. You could make a huge mistake—you think you’re sending a direct message [to one person]  but you’re sending a tweet to everyone [laughs].”

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