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Charlamagne x Kevin Hart

Source: Comedy Central / Comedy Centralcharla

Charlamagne Tha God is keeping the same inquisitive and raucous energy he brings to The Breakfast Club with his new show, Tha God’s Honest Truth on Comedy Central. And on the latest episode, he tackles a topic that’s been heavily discussed of late with Kevin Hart stopping by to join in.

In the episode, “Is Capitalism Cap?”, Lenard McKelvey aka Charlamagne kicks off the discussion by breaking down the current discussion taking place regarding inflation in the country in his opening segment. That leads into an interview segment with Dr. Claud Anderson, a noted businessman, educator, and author who has published four books with a focus on how Black Americans should equip themselves to be a more competitive group in the country through self-sufficiency. When asked by correspondent Chico Beanz if capitalism has benefits, Anderson: “I think capitalism has a good possibility for Black folk, because it wouldn’t have existed without Black folks.” When asked why do Black people struggle in the system, Dr. Anderson pointed out one key fact: ” The money is in the land. This country gave away two billion dollars’ worth in free land but it all went to white people.” Dr. Anderson also spoke on Black billionaires who should be looked to for investment in Black American society, including Kanye West.

The next segment featured a lengthy interview with Kevin Hart. The comedian, who is a partner with Charlamagne in a deal with Audible, Inc., sat down to speak about his upcoming series as part of his latest deal with Netflix, True Story. He also offered his own thoughts about capitalism and the Black community. When asked by the host, “In a country that despises billionaires, why do you want to be one?”, Hart responded: “It’s more about the title, but it’s also about the people that come from where I come from understanding that it’s doable. It isn’t about the dollar, it’s about the achievement.”

The episode closed out with a fun segment involving the host, Hart, and financial investment expert Ian Dunlap. Charlamagne proposed different hypothetical investment scenarios to Hart that he could buy into with Dunlap providing precise assessment, leading off with one dubbed “Fried Fish Fantasy Land”. Another scenario touched on Hart’s North Philly roots and poked fun at superstar John Legend.

Tha God’s Honest Truth airs on Fridays at 10 PM EST on Comedy Central.