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Man In SpongeBob SquarePants Mask Robs Store

Two gunmen walked into an Osceola County 7-Eleven and one of them had on a regular black robber mask while the other chose a bright yellow Spongebob Squarepants disguise turning the funny character into a villain.

“It’s not unusual for criminals to disguise their identity,” Osceola County Sheriff’s spokesman Twis Lizasuain said. “It is unusual he would use that particular character.”

A shot was fired but no one was injured as the two masked men emptied the register and made off with what is being reported as a lot of cash.

Just minutes earlier, deputies said the same pair was caught on surveillance video trying to rob a Walgreens. “At Walgreens was an attempted robbery. One of the suspects walked into the store, realized no one was in the store and left immediately,” said Lizasuain.

Authorities are uncertain whether they got away on foot, in a car or at sea.