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WR Randy Moss Will Retire

Randy Moss turned his last season in the NFL into a three-team circus act that resulted in the seven-time Pro-bowler leaving the Patriots, landing at his original team, the Vikings, then getting waived. He ended up as a non-factor on the Tennessee Titans but Moss will be remembered for his contributions on the field and the records he broke.

He led the NFL in TD catches five times and snared an amazing 23 in 2007, a single-season record. He has 153 touchdowns,  954 receptions (8th all-time) for 14,858 yards (5th) and he’s a definite Hall Of Fame athlete.

Moss took the league by storm and became one of the best receivers ever and although he had off the field issues, no one can deny his speed, catching ability and strength.

Moss wanted to go the Jets who signed Plaxico Burress or back to the Patriots who locked in a 3-year-deal with Chad OchoCinco.

The question that sports analysts are throwing out there is: Is this final? Randy Moss may have not gotten the offers he wanted, or maybe he just doesn’t want to go to training camp. Fans would love to see the old deep threat return to the field and end his career in a similar fashion that he began it. We’ll see.