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Waka Flocka Interviews Tyler, The Creator For Interview Magazine

Interview Magazine took an interesting approach to their feature with Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator when they allowed Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka join in on the interview to ask Tyler some questions of his own.

“I just wanna state, though, that “Keep It Real” is, like, my favorite Fawkin’ song by you,” Tyler compliment Waka before the interview questions started.

“That’s, like, in my top 10 songs ever. That’s my Shyte.”

“So firstly, what do y’all think is so odd about the future?” Waka asked for his first question.

“I think we’re all gonna die pretty soon, and the animals are gonna take over—like ostriches and Shyte,” Tyler answered.

“I think they’re gonna take over the world and we’re gonna be their slaves.”

Waka added “Me and my partners was havin’ a smoke and we thought that maybe monkeys could take over.”

Tyler replied, “Monkeys are smart as Fawk.”

You really just have to read the dialogue to follow the convo and you can do that here.

The new issue of Interview Magazine featuring Tyler, The Creator is in stores now.

Interview Mag also released some photos of Tyler from their spread, and you can take a look at those on the next pages.

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