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Last Friday (December 10) Stevie J was kicked off a Delta flight in LAX due to his son, Stevie II, trying to board the plane with a drink in hand, but the Love & Hip Hop star insists that those reports are false and offered his side of the story.

According to TMZ, Stevie J is disputing the story that he and his friend were removed from their flight in Atlanta over a drink and says that the real reason they were taken off the flight was because they didn’t follow instructions immediately. Thought Stevie admits that he and his son were enjoying drinks while they waited to board their flight, he denies that they brought it onboard and actually downed them and discarded the cups before getting on the plane.

“He insists no drink was brought onboard, and that they did as they were told to do — and yet, they were treated quite poorly. Stevie says he thinks there was a racial component to the confrontation, and he’s going to follow up with his attorneys. We’re told he wasn’t banned from flying Delta, and that no arrests were made. They simply booked another flight and made it to their destination — Atlanta, for his daughter’s bday — without further issue.”

According to Delta personnel, Stevie and his son were told to get rid of their drinks before making their way onto the plane, but the two brought their drinks anyway and that caused the entire situation to unfold the way that it did. Though they chucked the drink once they were on the plane, that wasn’t good enough and were escorted off the plane for being difficult. In a video posted on social media we can see and hear Stevie J complain about everything being a “waste of time” and even threatening to sue the airline for everything they have.

Luckily, Stevie J was able to book another flight and enjoy his daughter’s birthday party as you can see below.

Whether or not Stevie J decides to sue Delta remains to be seen, but if he isn’t going to be getting any spousal support from his soon to be ex-wife, Faith Evans, he’s going to be needing to get money from somewhere, so he probably will. Just sayin.’