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Welp, it looks like O.J. Simpson, the man whose legendary NFL career has been thoroughly eclipsed by the controversy over the double murder rap he beat in 1995, is once again a free man. The Juice is fully loose now that his parole following a 2008 armed robbery conviction has ended just a couple of months early.

Simpson’s attorney Malcolm LaVergne told the Associated Press that the 74-year-old “is a completely free man now” that his parolewhich he’d been serving since October 1, 2017, after serving nine years in prisonhad officially ended despite the fact that it was set to end on February 9, 2022. (Sporting News reported that Simpson’s original parole discharge date was set for Sept. 29, 2022, but the date was moved up over last summer.)

According to TMZ, a spokesperson for the Nevada State Police also confirmed that Simpson had been discharged from parole earlier this month.

For those who might not recall, Simpson was convicted in 2008 of a dozen charges including armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, after he was accused in 2007 of leading a group of armed men into a Las Vegas hotel room and stealing merchandise from people he claimed stole it from him first.

So basically, Simpson didn’t end up doing too bad in terms of paying his debt to society for someone who was originally sentenced to 33 years in lockup for the armed robbery—especially considering the fact that many still believe he should be under the jail for the killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. 

TMZ noted that Simpson had been living in Las Vegas since his release from prison and that it’s unclear if he plans on moving elsewhere now that he’s “a completely free man.”