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Rapper, turned actress, turned designer Eve is deading her own clothing line and taking “designing” off her to do list. According to reports the clothing line is shutting down for legal reasons.

Last year Fetish relaunched for the third time with Eve’s full endorsement whereas before she was dealt with the ads. Her endorsement was so solid she claimed she had Fetish clothing in her closet.

Now in light of her now defunct clothing line Eve has had to be resourceful. She still has acting to fall back oneven though her TV show was canceled in 2006. Even so she will make an appearance in the Drew Barrymore directed film ‘Whip It’ and a cameo on the Fox sitcom ‘Glee.’

As for her music, you know the thing that made her career, Eve has gotten back in the studio. Now she says don’t get it twisted, she’s an MC first and music was her first love. Though Eve is no longer with her record label Geffen Records, this pit bull in a skirt is said to be working on new music as a free agent.

Is it me or is being a “free agent” the new “having a clothing line”?

Anyway, Eve recently premiered two tracks off of her upcoming 2009 release during New York Advertising Week’s kick-off event hosted by Billboard.