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6-year-Old Shot To Death

Senseless violence has taken the life of another innocent child.

According reports, 6-year-old Arianna Gibson was shot and killed while sleeping in her aunt’s home following a block party in Chicago.

From ABC News Chicago:

Chicago police are still searching for the shooter who killed 6-year-old Arianna Gibson and wounded two others.

It happened about 6 a.m. Sunday in the 7400-block of South Sangamon.

Relatives say there was a block party Saturday night on South Sangamon.

Cousins, nieces and nephews all stayed over at Linda Chatman’s house.

They were all asleep when there was a noise came from the small front porch.

Then a young man with a gun began close range firing into the house — at least seven shots — through a window, through the TV, into the wall. One bullet hit a 17-year-old Stacy Jones in the living room.

Another hit a 17-year-old boy.

Condolences go out to the family of Arianna Gibson, as screams to “stop the violence,” sadly continue to go unheard.

Watch the news report here: