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André 3000 is arguably one of the greatest MC’s/singers of all time, but is Fabolous a better rapper than the ATLien? TDE artist Reason certainly seems to think so.

In a recent interview with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay, the “Flick It Up” rapper bluntly stated that Fabolous was a “better rapper” than the OutKast legend and would love to see both men go head-to-head in a future VERZUZ battle at some point.

Reason said “I feel like if you lined up Fabolous and André 3000, I got my money on Fab. That’s how I feel.”

Yeah, we don’t know about all that.

Yes, Fabolous is a beast on the mic, but André 3 Stacks has a catalog of classics in both rapping and singing. Fab can’t say the same. Though Lathan tried to reason with Reason that Andre was a “monster,” he wasn’t trying to hear that and doubled down on his stance.

“He’s outrapped Wayne. If you can outrap Wayne, you can outrap André 3000. He’s outrapped Wayne on records. … I’m not saying it’s easy for Fab, but I think if Fab came in with the mindset of ‘I want the best verse,’ I think Fab can outrap André 3000 on that verse.”

Yeah, we love Fab and all, but André 3000 might be walking away with that “W” in a Verzuz. Just sayin.’ He then tweeted the clip himself and called for a Verzuz to go down so he can show and prove his point.

Fab already took an L to the Verzuz MVP, Jadakiss. Could the Brooklyn rapper take another “L” and still maintain his reputation as one of the best lyricists the rap game has ever seen? We’re not sure but we don’t think this would ever happen anyway.

What do y’all think? Is Fabolous a better rapper than André 3000? Let us know in the comments section below.

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