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On February 20, 2015, model and TV personality, Amber Rose tweeted to her estranged ex, Kanye West, “I’ll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they’re done with u.”

Recently, Rose’s tweet resurfaced and many on Twitter hailed her as a prophet as Kim and Kanye’s marriage has long circled the drain and they’ve both moved on to new relationships. (I mean, Ye still appears to be chasing after his ex who he bought a house right across the street from and he also begged her to run back to him from the stage, but if you ignore all of that—sure, he’s moved on.)

But Amber—who has called Kanye a “narcissist” and “bully“—ain’t out here trying to be Rose-trdamus, she isn’t proud of her old tweet and she doesn’t want people praising her for it.

“Man f**k that old ass tweet,” she wrote in her Instagram Story. “I never got an apology for his ’30 showers’ comment but f**k it. I started my SlutWalk and helped millions of women around the world stand up for themselves against slut shaming so something amazing came out of it.”

She also apologized to the Kardashians for taking shots at them and referring to them as “Kartrashians” writing, “Kim nor her sisters deserved that tweet and y’all shouldn’t co-sign it either. Sh*t was old and immature of me to involve the KarDASHians in the mess HE made.”

Truth be told, even if one were to see vindication in Rose’s old tweet, it wouldn’t be accurate to say Yeezus was humiliated by Kim Kardashian—if anything, he humiliates himself.