According to TMZ, on Thursday (Jun 16) Rob Kardashian’s disputed claim he reached a binding settlement agreement with Chyna to end her “revenge porn” lawsuit was rejected by a Los Angeles judge.


This woman has two children with Rob Kardashian ad Tyga, respectfully, and doesn't have a single personal account? Christ on crutches!

On February 20, 2015, model and TV personality, Amber Rose tweeted to her estranged ex, Kanye West, “I’ll leave that up to the Kartrashians to humiliate u when they’re done with u.”

A scrapped W mag cover story featuring Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott made waves when the article’s writer alleged that the couple wasn’t really a couple and haven’t been for two years despite recently birthing a second child together. 

The breakup of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner is still pretty recent and the fallout of the split is growing in size if unconfirmed whispers are true. According to sources close to Scott, he allegedly intends to fire back at the Kardashian clan for talking trash about him.

One day these athletes are going to learn. D’Angelo Russell was among the NBA players spotted partying with the Kardashians shortly before he got traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Golden State Warriors.

Ben Simmons is playing a dangerous game. The NBA Rookie of the Year was seen partying with Kardashians on July 4th.

Fresh off ending her crib-robbing romance with YBN Almighty Jay, Blac Chyna is claiming in court papers that the Kardashians kept her from being the face of a Lifetime reality series. Chyna says that the now-defunct Rob & Chyna series was the original idea of her entertainment lawyer and a pitch to Lifetime would have […]


K. Michelle, R&B singer and reality star, has a new song called “Kim K.” It’s about the Kardashians, and this is real life. 

The Game set off a potential sh*t storm when he professed to banging three Kardashians on his latest song, “Sauce.” Source close to the reality TV show stars say the Compton rapper only actually bedded one of them, though. 

A gentleman never kisses and tells, but it’s 2016 and the Game must feel that that phrase is dated. On his new cut “Sauce,” Chuck Taylor put three Kardashians on blast.