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Chuck Songs The Shook The Planet

Source: Audible Originals / Audible

As the frontman and cofounder of legendary Hip-Hop group Public Enemy, Chuck D has made music that changed the culture of the globe. And now, he’ll guide listeners for his personally curated episode, part of Audible’s Word + Music series, chronicling music that has had the same impact, on the world and himself.

Audible, the Amazon platform dedicated to audiobooks and audio storytelling, has announced Songs That Shook the Planet, voiced by Chuck D. Crafted to showcase songs that have had significant influence politically and socially, there are few in Hip-Hop circles more capable for this assignment than Chuck D.

Songs That Shook the Planet will feature tunes from a variety of notable artists including Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, and Stevie Wonder, among others. Remaining true to the Words + Music format, Chuck aids listeners in gaining better insight into the catalog of songs featured from these artists that bridge the gaps between genres and the decades, connected by the emotional and social weight that they carry.

For Chuck D, the one and half hour production allows him to share his own experiences about each of the songs as he first heard them growing up, in some cases with his mother’s record player being the gateway. The Fear Of A Black Planet rapper expresses how each featured song helped to mold his own personal viewpoints when it came to activism and being someone who has dedicated his life and career to obtaining true change for the people. The Public Enemy lyricist has become a go-to figure as a political activist and artist, with roles as Chairman of the Celebrity Board of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum being constructed in the Bronx and as a highly-sought-after lecturer and author who has lent his distinctive voice to projects such as the Dr. J documentary for NBA TV.

Songs That Shook The Planet will make its debut on Audible on February 3.