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10 Male Singers Who Can’t Sang!

It was just an average day at the HipHopWired office, as we sat around listening to The-Dream’s new 1977 album, when it dawned on us…you know, The-Dream can’t really sing.

Don’t get us wrong, Dream is one of the best songwriters in the business and his singing or lack thereof, has never stopped him from putting out quality music.

But lets be real Terius Nash wouldn’t stand a chance in an American Idol competition.

And Dream definitley isn’t the only singer out there that struggles vocally.

Last year, we called out all the female singers that couldn’t hit a high note if their lives depended on it, in a piece we called Studio Gangstas:10 Female Singers Who Can’t Sang! and now it’s the fellas turn.

Hit the numbered pages for our list of 10 Male Singers Who Can’t Sang!

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