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Mr. Cuspert, once a popular rapper in Germany, today is one of the best-known singers of nasheeds, Islamic devotional music, in German.

With tattoos that say “STR8,” and “Thug,” the man German security officials call a major security risk looks like a figure from your everyday  rap video

Security officials say he is an influential figure who incites violence and unrest through inflammatory videos and fiery speeches that praise terrorists and attack the West.

German authorities have gone even further to say that people like him inspired the fatal shootings of two American airmen at the Frankfurt airport in March.

The 21-year-old man accused of the killings, Arid Uka, whose trial began in Frankfurt on Wednesday, has said he opened fire on a busload of American service members after seeing a video that claimed to show Muslim women being raped by men in United States military uniforms.

However, American officials said that the video,which Mr. Cuspert acknowledged posting on his Facebook page, was staged by militants.

In an interview at a mosque here, Mr. Cuspert denied any direct connection to Mr. Uka, though he said he supported his actions.

“The brother hasn’t killed civilians,” he said. “He has killed soldiers who had been on their way to kill Muslims. I have sworn allegiance to Mullah Muhammad Omar, emir of the Taliban. He is one of the greatest men.”