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Kendrick Lamar Talks New Album

Kendrick Lamar, one of the most buzzed about new rappers of 2011, is currently riding the wave of his latest album, Section.80, but after a year of being co-signed by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, the New West rapper is already working on his official debut album to keep his momentum going.

“I’m actually working on my debut album,” Kendrick said in an interview with

“My debut album is really going into depth of who Kendrick Lamar is — this kid who had run-ins with negativity in Compton.

“Everybody wants to know the story of how I was able to be in this city my whole life and come out with a positive mind set.

“For good and for bad, I’m going to talk about it all, in depth.”

But not to move too quickly pass the warm reception and feedback that his latest album, Section.80 has received, K-Dot spoke on the project’s success saying, “It feels good to know that I went in with a concept in mind to talk about my generation and that everybody caught on to it so fast and understood where I was coming from.”

“The fact some have crowned it as one of the best albums so far is great.

“It’s not the fact that they gave me the recognition but that they understand “Section.80.”

“There’s a message in there for my generation. They got it and fast!”

Just two weeks ago, Kendrick Lamar was embraced by rappers Snoog Dogg and The Game, who “passed the torch” to the Compton rapper during a show in Los Angeles.

If you missed the emotional moment for the rapper, video footage from the show is here.