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Game Booted From Houston’s Restaurant

Rapper Game is claiming that managers at popular upscale steak house Houston’s asked him to leave for “racist” reasons and hit Twitter to show his discontent yesterday (September 6).

Chuck lashed out at the steak house via his Twitter account, tweeting,

“The mgr “Valerie” @ the Houstons resturant in Santa Monica is RACIST. She really just told me I cant eat cuz Im tatted n guest mite b scared,” he tweeted September 6th.

“& when I pointed out 2 kool white guys with tank tops on, She stated they don’t have as many ratios as you & said that I leave immediately”

“Houston’s just went from my favorite resturant to the “RACIST-URANT” !!!!”

“Hillstone’s racist-urant formerly known as Houston’s & their slave-master manager Valerie has just made #1 on the RACIST resturant list !”


Game later notified his Twitter followers of a change of venue, tweeting.

“Now headed to “Roscoes Chicken & Waffles” where us N*GGERS are tattoo approved 100% accepted.”


“Where the f%$k is @TMZ when you need em ?!?!?!? #rosaparkswasntenoughhuh”


However, reps for Houston’s tell a different story, relaying to TMZ that Game was asked to leave because he was not adhering to the dress code.

Game only pointed to a lone sleeveless woman at the bar — NOT two men — and says the sleeve rule does not apply to females. The rep says the restaurant would love to have The Game back … when he’s wearing the appropriate clothing.”

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