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Love is, apparently, no longer in the air for model and former Flavor of Love contestant Chandra “Deelishis” Davis and exonerated Central Park Five victim Raymond Santana.

Late in 2019, the couple announced their engagement and got married about six months later. Many of us saw it as a major glow-up for a Black man who, as a teenager, was left at the mercy of a racist justice system that treated him and four other Black youths like their lives weren’t worth the ink used to fingerprint them. But TMZ reports that, sadly, Santana has filed for divorce from the reality TV star and Davis is claiming he was unfaithful to her.

Santana and Davis have reportedly been separated since November 1, of last year. Santana claimed in filing for divorce that their marriage is “irretrievably broken with no hope of reconciliation.”

Davis seems to agree with her soon-to-be ex-husband, but she wasn’t quite as vague about why their marriage has fallen apart.

“I married a narcissist who is a COMPLETE liar and a cheat,” Deelishis posted to social media. “I’m finally ready to speak my truth… stay tuned.”

According to MadamNoire, the caption of the post has since been changed, so we may not get the flooding of tea it looked like she was about to spill.

In fact, Davis and Santana appear to have both deleted all posts of each other from their Instagram pages, and as for their divorce proceedings, they filed an agreement to resolve any disputes outside of court. (Which seems like something one wouldn’t want to do if they’re up against a narcissist, but OK.)

Anyway, failed marriages are sad and they get even sadder when they involve an end to Black love. But this is life. Hopefully, both of them will find the peace they need.