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Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets With Agency for Strategic Initiatives Representatives

Source: Mikhail Svetlov / Getty

Alex Stein, also known as comedian and social media star Primetimestein, forged a living out of trolling public political gatherings with over-the-top antics. Stein went viral this week after taking the podium at a Texas council meeting to deliver some murderous bars towards Vladimir Putin in defiance of the Russian leader’s attack on Ukraine.

During the gathering in Plano, Texas, a modestly dressed Stein approached the podium for his three-minute address to the council, but all hell broke loose once he hit play on a Bluetooth speaker and began spitting hot fiyah in denouncing Putin.

Trying to grasp the lyrics isn’t going to be our task today. Just check out the video Stein posted below and witness the lyrical barrage yourself. Please keep an eye on Stein’s funky moves while you’re at it.

Photo: Getty