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The winds have calmed and the call to arms has ceased as the legal battle between Eminem and Apple, Inc has come to a close.

The attorney for Eight Mile Style, Richard Busch, made the announcement that a cordial agreement was made between the two parties on Thursday, although no further details were given such as if any funds were given from either side.

Reported earlier, the battle stemmed back to 2007 when Eight Mile Style filed a lawsuit that Apple was illegally selling songs through their iTunes platform.  The disagreement came as Apple stated that they were given clearance from Aftermath Entertainment to do so.

Back in the music world, Eminem recently appeared on Shade 45 with DJ Whoo Kid to speak on his upcoming album, Relapse 2.  In revealing necessary details, Shady brought the cat out of the bag in what to expect the next go around.

“Me and Fif did a couple of records, couple of months ago in Vegas, one song for my record and another for his.  We just wanted to like, I just had an idea to like ‘Yo, why don’t we do something we ain’t done yet.’ And kinda go back and forth, we’ve kinda done it on other records but not to the extent of what we’re doing on this one…The way that it’s going now, K’Naan has two [produced] tracks on the record and Just Blaze has four, possibly five…I definitely feel like I’m in a little different space right now. I don’t know, with the last record, it felt like a lot of it had to do with me being sober…With Relapse 1 — a lot of that album, I wanted to rap at fire and do punchlines.”

Mr. Mathers is still on deck for another interview as he is set to appear on Tony Touch Tuesdayas he continues to honor his station’s five year anniversary.  Maybe this time, fans will actually get a date to look forward to.