apple inc

Today (September 10), leading technology giant Apple unveiled its latest versions of the popular iPhone from their base of operations in Cupertino, Calif. The beefed-up 5S and budget class 5C are the new darlings of the smartphone block.

The winds have calmed and the call to arms has ceased as the legal battle between Eminem and Apple, Inc has come to a close. The attorney for Eight Mile Style, Richard Busch, made the announcement that a cordial agreement was made between the two parties on Thursday, although no further details were given such […]

The shoe has switched to the other foot as rappers are not the only ones that have been on the receiving end of lawsuits. Detroit MC Eminem has continued to wage war with Apple over a case of copyright infringement. Eight Mile Style, the publishing company of Mr. Mathers, has claimed that Apple has been […]