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The shoe has switched to the other foot as rappers are not the only ones that have been on the receiving end of lawsuits. Detroit MC Eminem has continued to wage war with Apple over a case of copyright infringement.

Eight Mile Style, the publishing company of Mr. Mathers, has claimed that Apple has been illegally offering tracks from the catalogue of the rapper on their iTunes service. The count has accumulated to 93 songs from the rapper.

In regards to the claims, Apple have of course denied the infraction and stated that Aftermath Records actually gave them authorization to make the songs available for fans. Eight Mile Style quickly retorted stating that the record label doesn’t have the pull to make deals that are related to digital downloads.

September 24 will see the issue debated in court as the judge will take the claim into consideration.

Problems between the two started before this incident as a production company that worked with Eminem, FBT, tried to sue Apple under claims that they were entitled to 50% of all royalties that were being garnered from sales through iTunes. This lawsuit, however, was unsuccessful.

Troubles go even farther back as 2005 saw Apple pulling an ad for their iPod product which featured an actor that was singing the lyrics to “Lose Yourself”. The battle ended in an undisclosed financial settlement.

Recently DJ Whoo Kid spoke with MTV about the return of the rapper. Making reference to the Mariah Carey diss track, “The Warning”, the G-Unit associate has assured fans that it is only the tip of the iceberg to what Slim Shady has in store with Relapse 2.

“That was funny. But that’s nothing compared to Relapse 2. What I heard, that’s just 2 percent [of the intensity]. Eminem from back in the day has returned. The crazy, lyrical, maniacal Eminem is back. Maniac! He was maniacal, but that was like, ‘Let me come back now. Let me get my Shyte situated. Who I gotta go at? Let me see what’s going on. Let me get comfortable.’ Now that he’s comfortable, now he’s gonna be like [a monster] in Relapse 2. Good luck, people.”

Still without a release date, Relapse 2 has been promised to show the rapper back at his peak. If his latest show stealing verse on “Forever” is any indication of things to come, Eminem might reclaim his throne and be at the top of the mountain once again.