“24/7, 365, 25 years, embedded in these lines / If I push the pen past the margin in these side / You can feel the words and every part of them.”

Brooklyn has become the breeding grounds for lyrical talent within the Hip-Hop regime of music. From Big Daddy Kane to Notorious B.I.G. to Jay-Z, the city has birthed many legends in its day and has up-and-comers by the likes of Maino, Red Café and Joell Ortiz trying to etch their own carvings in the history of Brooklyn.

Heavily under the radar as it related to the mainstream world, but consistently on his grind, Skyzoo is yet another rapper cut from that same cloth. Staking his position in the game with the critically acclaimed 2007 mixtape Corner Store Classic and recently linking with DJ Drama to release The Power of Words, the rapper has made a point to keep everything vintage Hip-Hop and strip away all of the unnecessary.   He is not the generic flashy type; strictly hard hitting real life lyrics showcasing the fact that he is not about making gimmick records.

While most rappers come off as though they are at the top speaking to those below, Skyzoo is the complete opposite as he is steadily trying to look far past the clouds and must not see the sky as the limit. Knowing the significance of grindtime, the track “Necessary Evils” shows how material possessions have been given such heavy emphasis in life, but everything that glistens is not gold. All things have a price, but the price is worth paying in order to live the life of luxury and escape the everyday struggle.

“Fast cars, fast broads, fast money it really ain’t that hard/ But every dollar you make comes with a set of eyes/ And a set of loose lips if ever you ever hide/ And everything that’s sure to reside in that far/ And everything that could is right in your backyard.”

After an argument at the close of “The Shooter’s Soundtrack”, the rapper pens an open letter to his significant other on “Under Pressure.”  Unwilling to accept the lifestyle that he has to lead in order to support them, his girl decides that it will not work. Feeling as though her intent is selfish as he has done everything for them, a sense of resent comes from the rapper as though she has been entirely too blind and too consumed by others input to realize the actuality of everything.

“And the same one’s calling you, saying what you outta do/ Wasn’t tryna help you with everything that you thought you knew/ And I felt for you, wishing I could be there/ But no matter what I told you, you never really cared/ And I’m tryna be the best man that I can/ But they feel to realize where I stand.”

For those that were unaware, Skyzoo is a lyricist and that is a point that should never be forgotten. With a pen and pad, damage is expected and “Penmanship” shows that it’s always good to have a meaning behind words, but sometimes it’s even better to just go all out and get some lyrical exercise.

“Write more than they could listen to/ I jump down and dig a hole that they can listen through/ I’m numb now cause all along what I’m giving you/ Is more than you imagined any ballpoint pen could do/ All in all minimal/ I ain’t rolled a steve yet/ Breath of fresh air and I ain’t breathe yet/ Third lap around and I ain’t leave yet/ If I talk different or come across different, all of this is just a reflex.”

Aside from a ranch of producers such as Just Blaze and 9th Wonder, Skyzoo goes in it all alone as the debut features no guest appearances just his lyrical ability and instrumentals to help play out the stories he is here to tell. Without the restraints of two verses per song or the extra weight of going up against another rapper, Skyzoo gives only himself to the best of power. In today’s rap game the use of features has been able to save some from having to put in that extra work to lay out verses back to back and keep everything on track.

Nothing is able to achieve perfection no matter how good it may look and The Salvation is no different. All albums have had a barrage of great songs, but still has the alright song, but not on the same level as its predecessors. Although hard to find, the body still has a few dings and dents in it. “Popularity” isn’t necessarily a bad song, but going with the overall vibe, this whole ’how popular are you’ feels like him reaching out to get that poppy song to broaden the audience. Can’t knock the hustle, but can knock the song.

This debut offering from Skyzoo is one that will leave a pleasant after taste. As dancing continues to explode and simplicity is overtaking the radio, there is a need for a balance. In order to maintain creativity and growth. Salvation is the act of saving someone or something from harm or destruction and this album is an indication that Skyzoo intends to save the craft by continuing the balance so that Hip-Hop will continue to thrive.

“Dreams do got wings, they can levitate.”

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