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Lupe Fiasco Marches In Wall Street Protest, States View On New World Order

Lupe Fiasco said he was observing, watching and showing support for something he feels is important as he joined protestors on Wall Street who are demanding higher taxes for corporations in the movement called “Occupy Wall Street.”

Lupe had fans gather in support of him with his album release so it’s only right that he comes out for a cause. That cause is deeper than just criticism of the financial district and Capitalism,  but it is a critical thinking mission for people to ask what really happened when the Twin Towers dropped.

“It needs to be investigated thoroughly,” Lupe told We Are Change during an interview. “If it was something that was a justifiable kind of situation then so be it.

“If it was a situation where yes these people really flew these planes into these buildings, this really blew up like thisand this is why we went to war with this country and this country and this country...”

Fiasco went on to speak about the New World Order and the effect of consumerism. Look at the interview below.