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After venting on twitter, changing album name titles, and any other drama you could think of, 50 cent says his upcoming album is complete and is in the process of being mixed.

Speaking with Complex Magazine, 50 cent describes the complication of Interscope and why there has been so much drama involved in the release.

“My album’s done. I’ve just got to go through the mixing process. I always have issues with people not moving at the pace that I move at. It’s obvious I work a lot. They don’t work as often as I do, or they’re patient. [Interscope] thinks it’s going to be better if they wait. [They think] I’m going to change my mind and switch to something different in the presentation.”

Speaking on the sound, 50 says he think the album has a different sound that he hopes will help “swing” Hip-Hop into a certain direction.

“I’m confident that the music that I have will help sway hip-hop in the right way. I think [hip-hop is going] one way. Where is the aggression in hip-hop? Where is the things that you initially fell in love with? They’re not there.

Everything cycles. Hip-hop has cycled so far back that it felt like it was something new, but it was a hipster [thing]. A new terminology that would be a hippie. It’s that far back. So when it comes time for it to come full circle, it’ll be time for me.”