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Troy Davis Speaks From Prison In Possible Last Interview

Unless there’s some Presidential or divine intervention, Troy Davis, convicted of killing police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989 will be sentenced to death today. His polygraph was denied and he doesn’t want a last meal. The widow’s wife, Joan MacPhail-Harris said, “He has had ample time to prove his innocence…And he is not innocent.”

Today there will be protests since seven of the nine witnesses recanted their story, and the homeless man who was the reason for the incident Mark MacPhail was trying to break up, claimed he was coerced into blaming Davis.

Creative Loafing ATL got the chance to get some questions to Davis and received answers. Read the interview below.

CL: How do you feel?

Troy Davis: ” I feel blessed and at peace because God has blessed me through everyone that is fighting for me.”

CL: What would your message be for your supporters around the world?

TD: “Thank you for supporting me and my family I have been truly blessed by god through you all. Thank you for showing solidarity and continuing the good fight for humanity.”

CL: Are you scared?

TD: “No scared of what? I don’t fear the devil. God has blessed me through millions of people.”

CL: If you got out of jail what would you do?

TD: “Make sure my family is ok and well taken care of due to what they have been through the last 22 years and make sure my nephew and niece gets through college and gets a good education. I would also start a program with the state and 6th or 5th grade-level and talk to them and help them to understand the future and their goals.”

Do you believe he’s innocent?