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Rob Kardashian And Blac Chyna At Sky Beach Club

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Looks like Rob Kardashian might have more in common with Johnny Depp than we realized. Kim’s brother is claiming that his ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, used to beat on him like her name was Amber Heard, allegedly.

Page Six is reporting that the lone Kardashian brother testified in the Kardashian’s ongoing legal case with Blac Chyna on Wednesday (April 27) and revealed that his relationship with Chyna was “violent from the start.” He added that she didn’t just beat him, but even threatened to kill him. Though the couple would post rosey and loving videos of themselves on social media for the sake of publicity, the reality of the matter was that it was quite the dark and brutal affair, per Mr. Kardashian.

Inside the courtroom, video was shown of Rob waving bands of $100 bills and throwing it at Chyna, with the model looking pleased.

But the night allegedly became violent with the discord lasting until the next morning. Rob alleged that Chyna pulled a gun on him twice, hit him with a metal rod, scratched him and struck him with an iPhone cord.

Blac Chyna got the burner on her? You’d think with all the sisters he has one of them would’ve put paws on her for pulling the toast on big Robby, but at the end of the day ain’t none of them built like that. Same can be said about Kris Jenner’s boy-toy, Corey Gamble who also according to The Hollywood Reporter testified that he saw Blac Chyna thwacking Rob during an altercation and did nothing to help calm the situation.

Corey Gamble, a key witness for the Kardashians, insisted Wednesday that he saw Blac Chyna punch Rob Kardashian and whip him with a phone-charging cord, as Chyna’s lawyer tried to poke holes in his story.

“I said that she attacked him,” Gamble, the longtime boyfriend and sometime co-star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner, told the jury during a trial in a Los Angeles courtroom. “What I saw is what I saw.”

Though Blac Chyna acknowledges that she pulled a gun on Rob and choked him with a phone cord, she claims it was all in good fun and wasn’t at all serious.

Still, Rob took everything dead serious and testified that Chyna would be “on a cocaine and alcohol” when she would become abusive and just because he didn’t bruise easily didn’t mean it didn’t happen as he said it did.

“She has a history of doing this. Just because I didn’t have marks doesn’t mean it’s not true. Stop putting that out there! It’s not fair.”

Blac Chyna is suing the Kardashians for more than $100 million allegedly that they conspired to put the kibosh on her reality TV series with Rob Kardashian, Rob & Chyna, costing her a career in reality TV. She’s claiming the family defamed her when they informed executives at the E! network that she had physically assaulted her then-fiancé Rob Kardashian.

From the looks of things, her case might be going down the drain but in Hollywood you never know how things will end.