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Netflix Lays Off Most of Editorial Staff From Fan Site Launched In December


Netflix is not having a great year, and this latest news doesn’t have the streaming service in the most favorable light.

For those who didn’t know Netflix launched a website in December called Tudum (a play on the popular opening sound) that featured news, interviews, and other fan content created around the service and what it offers. Thursday (Apr.28) news dropped that the company was “reorganizing its marketing department” and laying off most of the 10-person team comprised of writers Netlfix poached from other websites. Tudum falls under that division. 25 people from Netflix’s global marketing team which has over 500 employees will also be let go according to Variety.

Journalist, Monique Judge (@thejournalista) tweeted about the layoffs noting “It is worth mentioning that Netflix actively recruited Black women and people of color just to lay them off MONTHS later without a second thought. Don’t brag about being inclusive when you treat your “diversity” hires like they are disposable.”

“Now some very talented people are without jobs. These corporations don’t give a fuck,” she added in a follow-up tweet.

Per The Verge, a person close to the situation claims Netflix gave them no warning about the layoffs with workers and their colleagues finding out via Twitter. Cold world if that is indeed the case. The same person also claims there are more layoffs coming to other teams.

According to Protocol, Netflix says Tudum will not be shuttered despite the layoffs. “Our fan website Tudum is an important priority for the company,” a spokesperson for Netflix said. This unfortunate news comes after Netflix experienced its worst stock day ever and lost over 200,000 subscribers.

We’re not sure how the news of the untimely and vicious layoffs will affect the company and how people feel towards Netflix, a company that championed itself being about inclusion. That has been tested due to its handling of Dave Chappelle and controversial comments he made in his latest standup special The Closer leading to protests from trans staff after the streaming service suspended a trans employee for leaking confidential and sensitive information about the special.