The Clipse are notorious for representing their home state of Virginia to the fullest. On the track “Virginia” from their Lord Willin’ album they sum up the lifestyle of the state saying,

“I’m from Virginia where ain’t sh%t to do but cook. Pack it up, sell it triple-price, fu%k the books.”

That infamous line may very well be true especially considering that their former manager is being revealed in the Virginia Judicial system as a drug king pin.

Anthony Gonzalez a.k.a. “Geezy” pleaded guilty Tuesday to one federal drug conspiracy count and one firearms charge. He admitted to prosecutors that he distributed more than a half-ton of cocaine and close to five tons of marijuana before getting arrested in April. He also admitted that he led his drug trade in a in “a very careful and deliberative manner” only allowing friends and family members to participate in his trafficking.

Six other people have been indicted with Gonzalez. In exchange for his guilty plea prosecutors promised not to charge four of his family members. He will be sentenced January 11, until then he remains in jail without bond.

Gene and Terrence Thornton a.k.a. Malice and Pusha T are in the clear and are said to have no ties to his illegal drug activity. Recently speaking exclusively to Hip-Hop Wired about the case, The Clipse said they have no intentions of backing away from their D-Boy lyrics even if the Feds are watching. Pusha stated,

“If they’ve heard the music, I don’t know what else they can look to hear. I don’t know what else they can look to hear, man.”

In regards to speaking to Geezy, he added,

“Every time I talk to him he’s sounding good.”

The Clipse also spoke about the migration of gang activity to Virginia, a state where that culture previously never existed. As kids rush to hop on the dumbest trends and lose their lives over and still not knowing the history behind the original Bloods and Crips, Malice stated,

“It’s going on, they’re pretty much everywhere man. I ain’t really got nothing to say about it. You see it, you hear about it becoming more prevalent, but we’re not known for that so to adopt a culture that wasn’t birthed here… You’ve seen a lot of things that are going on that don’t display any type of honor with it, I don’t think they play by the same codes as the major hubs where it was born at than they play with here. I don’t look at it the same way. I wouldn’t even want to disrespect it like that.”

While Gonzalez is pushing jail time, his former super duo is preparing for the release of their latest album, Till The Casket Drops. The album is set to hit stores on November 10th and features production from The Neptunes, The Hitmen and DJ Khalil. Also stay tuned to Hip-Hop Wired for the upcoming feature with VA’s lyrical tandem.

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