After the stunning news of the legendary music-producing duo's legal beef hit the timelines, Pusha-T is now weighing in on the matter.


Sharing a picture with all three of them posing up a storm, Busta captioned the pic with a message of excitement.


Pusha didn't give a release date for the album nor a title, but best believe we'll be anxiously waiting to hear that he, Ye, P, and Chad have been cooking in the kitchen this entire time and savoring every single drum


The rapper and media personality was reminded by a fan that a song produced by The Neptunes was in existence.


Kelis broke into the music industry on the strength of her connection with the recently-reunited production duo, The Neptunes, but that relationship is now strained. The singer and chef shared in a new interview that she was stiffed out of money due to her from her time with The Neptunes and shared other details of […]

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There is nothing like a great comeback story. With a hit record vying the charts, appearances on primetime television such as Ellen, you can say Michael “Mystikal” Tyler is experiencing one.


Although they were never known for their tremendous record sales, Pusha T and No Malice, the brothers collectively known as the Clipse remain one of Hip-Hop’s favorite duos of all-time.

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Whenever The Neptunes are brought up these days, it’s Pharrell who steals the spotlight and all the camera time. Not saying that hasn’t always been the case but Chad Hugo has become more reclusive as his more visible partner’s stock has risen.

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Pusha T delivered on his promise to lock in the studio for 20 days with The Neptunes at the top of this year. And just in case you thought he was blowing steam, the MC offered up some photographic evidence, so you know it’s real.

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Beat jacking might just be rap’s not-so-secret epidemic. Yesterday, producer Major Seven accused K.E. On the Track of stealing the beat for “The Devil Is A Lie” (pretty ironic, given the title).

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Most agree that Pusha T dropped a gem in his solo debut, My Name Is My Name, but he’s already on to the next. Last night, one half of the Clipse revealed plans to begin recording his next album, King Push, at the top of the new year.

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Mike Posner and Pharrell Williams have a history of quality collaborations, so their latest drop “I.D.G.A.F.” should come as no surprise. A snippet of the song floated around the Internets earlier this year, but a full version has surfaced in recent days.