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Beat jacking might just be rap’s not-so-secret epidemic. Yesterday, producer Major Seven accused K.E. On the Track of stealing the beat for “The Devil Is A Lie” (pretty ironic, given the title). We’re still not sure which side is being honest but K.E. not having much of a rebuttal (he used Jay Z-‘s “You need more people,” line instead), and Seven not backing down from his claims proves that at least one party is more concerned than the other. This could be because K.E.’s has video kinda sorta showing him building the beat for “The Devil Is A Lie,” but it doesn’t actually prove he did it from scratch.

Also, it’s pretty easy to throw out accusations and social media is the perfect forum to do so. It’s a quick way to get attention without having to produce any real evidence. Keeping that in mind take a look at 10 other producers who were accused to plagiarizing instrumentals.

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