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Whenever The Neptunes are brought up these days, it’s Pharrell who steals the spotlight and all the camera time. Not saying that hasn’t always been the case but Chad Hugo has become more reclusive as his more visible partner’s stock has risen.

Don’t misconstrue it for a lack of work ethic, however. In 2013 he manned the boards for Earl Sweatshirt, The Internet and his right hand man, No Malice. And speaking of the angelic side of the Clipse, The Neps are currently locked in the studio as we speak with Pusha T to create what will become his sophomore album.

In a rare interview appearance, REVOLT TV was able to track down the spacey producer to find out why he began making the sounds that captivated Hip-Hop, R&B and pop alike. Mr. Hugo is just a simple man from Virginia and he simply told them, “it was something to do.”

“Let’s forget about what’s going on in human life; let’s forget about what’s going on with the drama in school,” he said, getting more animated as he recalls his keyboard cherry pop. Apparently it was the reactions of his peers that allowed him to own millions of dollars and platinum plaques.

Music has definitely proven to be an escape for many and Chad is no exception to the rule. Watch the brief video below because there’s no telling when he’ll sit still enough for another candid interview.

Photo: YouTube