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LaserShip Warehouse Manager Arrested For Pilfering Sneakers


For some time, sneakerheads have been voicing complaints about coveted sneakers they ordered getting “lost” while in the hands of LaserShip. They weren’t kidding, as a LaserShip warehouse manager has been arrested for allegedly stealing kicks.

Apparently, enough people complaining about LaserShip pulling the jig that a reporter from WSOC-TV, Jason Stoogenke, began investigating. The receipts started adding up—kicks were getting pilfered, and a culprit was identified.

Stoogenke delved deeper into the complaints against LaserShip and started noticing a pattern. Sneakers were going missing after purchasers were told they were shipped, and they tended to be Nikes. Over 40 people told Stoogenke about the struggle, and 28 of those were Nikes, with “victims” like Simion Hollins noting that they were “hard to get items.”

While Nike is good about refunding money when a sneaker “walks off,” since these are limited edition kicks, you can’t simply order a new pair since once they’re sold out, they’re gone—unless you’re okay with paying a healthy markup price on the resale market. The results here were pissed-off customers who caught an L despite an initial W thanks to a rogue employee.

Per court documents, LaserShip launched its own internal investigation and discovered a worker was indeed stealing sneakers, and they reportedly have video of the jux. Jarvas Foster, a warehouse manager, was charged with felony larceny by an employee and has been accused of liberating 11 pairs of Nikes that did not belong to him. The authorities believe he also had at least one accomplice helping him.

The sneaker game is full of drama with adidas suing Nike, StockX welcoming the smoke with Nike and the usual violence offered to SNKRS any given week.

But, was Foster arrested on his day off or nah?