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For starters if you haven’t heard yet, Tanya Morgan is a rap group and just so we’re clear in 2008 they released a mixtape named Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group which I highly recommend.

None of the members of the group are named Tanya or Morgan. Instead this group consists of Brooklynite Von Pea and Ilyas and Donwill of Cincinnati, Ohio. This year they released their sophomore album, Brooklynati, and apparently their efforts to make good music have not gone unnoticed.

According to Von Pea’s Twitter the group may be up for a Grammy Award. Not just any Grammy, the Album Of The Year Grammy.

Von Pea’s reaction:

“i think that is very very cool, and i hope it makes more people check the album out, and hopefully like it. you can only do so much to get peoples attention though. maybe im too nonchalant or something but when i heard i just said “thats dope” lol…but im very appreciative of the thought of us.”

Real humble. Don’t wait till they win to find out who Tanya Morgan is. Here’s a video from Brooklynati

Tanya Morgan – So Damn Down

Tanya Morgan’s official myspace