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Chris Tucker May Lose FL Mansion

Chris Tucker may be regretting turning down Ice Cube’s offer to appear in the follow up Friday films now that court documents show he’s facing foreclosure on his multi-million dollar home.

SunTrust Bank filed paperwork against Tucker with the Lake County, Florida courts earlier this week.

According to the documents, Tucker purchased the sprawling lakefront home in 2007 for $6 million.

The bank claims they still have a $4.4 million tab on Tucker.

Unluckily for Tucker, the home was recently appraised at only $1.6 million; talk about taking a loss.

Well, it looks like the working class and poor aren’t the only ones suffering from the housing market and financial fallout.

But one has to think, would Tucker be in this situation had he not turned down a number of profitable roles?

This isnt the first time Tucker’s financial woes have been brought to light.

Last year, TMZ reported that the actor owed $11.5 MILLION in federal back taxes.

Somebody needs a better accountant or a new job.

And you know this…man!