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Jesse Lee Peterson Allegedly Had Secret Same-Relationships

Source: Jason Kempin / Getty

When it comes to most anti-gay, anti-LGBTQ talking heads, they always seem to have some skeletons in their closet waiting to come out. Manosphere pastor Jesse Lee Peterson might be a perfect example of that.

Is Jesse Lee Peterson Living A Secret Gay Life?

Jesse Lee Peterson is the token Black man white conservatives and far-right advocates love to champion. He denies the existence of white privilege, is against Black people taking advantage of government programs, and most importantly, can’t stand homosexuality.

Patterson also bizarrely believes that “Any woman that is climaxing is becoming a man. Because it’s not normal for women to do that.”


Well, the chickens are finally coming home to roost for Patterson. The Daily Beast reports two former male associates of Peterson allege they had same-sex relationships with him.

Per The Daily Beast:

Two of Peter’s former male associates came out in June with on-the-record interviews saying they engaged in sexual activities with him, while other men say he propositioned them. These allegations about the pastor—who in public is staunchly heterosexual—have ripped like an earthquake through the manosphere, prompting some of Peterson’s allies to abandon him and prompting one manosphere conference to ban him.

“I’m very sorry to have Jesse’s situation damage the conservative movement,” Patrick Rooney, one of the men who claims to have had a sexual relationship with Peterson, told The Daily Beast.

The Right-Wing Girls Fighting Led To Peterson Being Exposed

The Daily Beast has not been able to substantiate the allegations against the pastor. Peterson’s “secret life” became the topic of discussion because Church Militant, a radical right-wing Catholic website, dropped a 30-minute investigation into Patterson called Amazing Disgrace.

In the video, Church Militant spoke with two men claiming to have same-sex relationships with Peterson. The interview primarily features Rooney spilling all of the tea on Peterson. The two have collaborated for decades, The Daily Beast reports.

Rooney claims Peterson approached him sexually in 2005, “Next thing you know, he’s ripping his clothes off,” Rooney told the website.

He also claims he had a 10-year sexual relationship with Peterson after the first incident but eventually ended things when he confessed the affair to his wife.

Rooney could not provide receipts in the form of text messages, emails, or recordings to back up his claims.

“Jesse Lee Peterson is a very smart person, he’s a sly person,” Rooney told The Daily Beast. “He’s not going to leave a lot of extraneous evidence out about what he does.”

Peterson has some explaining to do.

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty