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Finally, we’re getting some details about Grand Theft Auto 6, and according to reports, we are returning to a familiar city to cause mayhem and make GTA history.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Will Feature A Female Protagonist For The First Time

Per Bloomberg, Grand Theft Auto 6 will take us back to Vice City, GTA’s fictional take on Miami, and for the first time, will feature a female lead protagonist, confirming early rumors and leaks.

The character will be “Latina,” the website reports, with this character being one of two “leading” characters, and the story will take its cues from the infamous bank-robbing duo Bonnie and Clyde.

The report also indicates that Rockstar initially wanted to drop a “more vast” game in size with Grand Theft Auto 6. “Early” designs of the game featured a map with “large swaths of North and South America,” and the game was initially codenamed “Project Americas.”

Rockstar Games eventually decided to go with Vice City, which will also include the fictional city’s suburbs. GTA 6 will also benefit from constant updates, with the game studio adding new missions and cities on a “regular basis.”

While the map’s scope is smaller, players can still expect to be running around a map that is “significant in size” and will feature more “interior locations than past GTA games.”

Outside of the reveal of two protagonists, a female lead and the “Bonnie and Clyde influence,” no further details were shared in the report about the story. But, one thing players can expect not to see when the game finally arrives is jokes about marginalized groups.

That is quite a significant change for the franchise best known for taking cracks at everyone and all subjects about pop culture.

When Will The Game Arrive?

According to Bloomberg’s report, the game’s development is progressing slower than other GTA games, but that’s all for understandable reasons.

The ongoing pandemic led to production delays and necessary changes to curb the “frat boy” culture improving working conditions at Rockstar Games.

Also, the design department underwent structure changes to prevent crunch and keep workers from doing excessive overtime. Designers told Bloomberg that GTA 6 is probably two years away, and we say take your time.

We still got GTA V which is still a thing nine years later.

Photo: SOPA Images / Getty