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Lloyd's Southside Video Shoot Featuring Ashanti

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Booooy, it appears that Irv Gotti‘s feelings toward Ashanti go way deeper than his issue with her re-recording her albums. In fact, Gotti revealed that back when the “Foolish” singer was “Happy” and in a relationship with rapper Nelly, he was silently holding a flame for her.

As Madame Noire reported, a teaser for Gotti and Ja Rule’s upcoming Drink Champs interview with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN showed Gotti getting candid about his feelings the moment he found out Ashanti was in a relationship with Nelly.

“I can get past you wanting to be with Nelly,” he said, to which N.O.R.E replied, “It sounds like you didn’t get past it. I’m just gonna be honest.”

“At the time it happensany man is hurt,” Gotti responded. “The chick you are f******* in love with is with this n****.”

Gotti said he found out while watching an NBA game when the announcer broadcasted that the couple was in the building, and that “God wanted” him to find out.

Gotti explained that he was “at home” watching the game when the announcer said, “‘What’s this commotion going on in the stadium? We just found out what the commotion is. Nelly has just walked in with Ashanti.’”

Yeah, that must have been rough. I mean, Ashanti and Nelly were together for about a decade before they finally broke up in 2013. One can only wonder how much of that time Gotti spent pining away for Ashanti while suffering unrequited love.

Here are some more clips of Ja and Gotti’s interview.