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For several years, the Republican Party has asserted that they are they party of the people, offering less than insurmountable evidence of the claim with every opportunity given.

Their latest testament to the cause, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, is a shining example of the beleaguered political faction’s attempt at affirmative action but can hardly be seen as a beacon of ideological change.

Where the lame duck rhyming ignoramus of a figurehead failed, maybe a legend will succeed, a legend that everyone can unite under.

Picked against his will, leaders of the Grand Ol’ Party have pegged famed baseball player Jackie Robinson as their “go to” guy, claiming that he was indeed, a Republican.

Listed at under their “Heroes” banner, site visitors will be greeted to a lesson in little known “historical” tidbits courtesy of the RNC.

16 famous Americans, including seven Black and one Hispanic American, are listed on the site as having been supporters of the conservative agenda.

Robinson, the man that broke baseball’s color barrier, is one of the most famous yet least likely featured to actually be a Republican do mainly to the group’s rich history of racial intolerance and bigotry. The late star revealed as much in his autobiography.

“I admit freely that I think, live, and breathe Black first and foremost…Every chance that I got, while campaigning (for Nelson Rockefeller), I said plainly what I thought of the right-wing Republicans and the harm they were doing…By and large Republicans had ignored Blacks and sometimes handpicked a few servile leaders in the Black community to be their token “ni**ers.” How would I sound trying to go out to sell Republicans to Black people? They’re not buying. They know better.”