In case any of you white people have yet to get the memo, Blackface is forever a no go. Nevertheless, a goofy dude rolled up to a protest in DC and eventually got sucker-punched in the jaw.

The Republican National Convention was on a whole different wavelength than last week's virtual Democratic National Convention.

Towing the Republican Party's line, Walker, a former NFL star and Sen. Scott, representing South Carolina, respectively talked up their friendship and their admiration for the direction Trump is taking the nation.

Nick Cannon might have the image of a fun-loving entertainer, but it appears he is also about that activism work too. Cannon led a Black Lives Matter protest at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on Monday, expressing disdain for both major political parties.

Last week, a Twitter exchange between Ebony.com senior editor Jamilah Lemieux and Republican National Committee spokesman Raphael “Raffi” Williams took a bad turn. Lemieux sparked the ire of the RNC and Black conservatives by calling Williams a White man, prompting Ebony magazine’s online arm to apologize to Williams.

Things are not going too well for Mitt Romney. On one hand, he has out-raised President Obama in campaign funds, more than once, and garnered a small but noteworthy lead in the polls; but the last few months have been nothing short of a bumpy ride. In the race for electoral votes, Romney continues to trail his […]

Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican Nation Convention Wednesday (Aug. 29) was not as truthful as he made it out to be. The vice presidential candidate did his best to fire up the party offering a push of excitement going into Mitt Romney’s speech scheduled for tonight, but it appears that Ryan failed to put […]

The treasurer of the Republican National Committee is making headlines now that he claims that RNC Chairman Michael Steele is responsible for failing to report $7 million in debt the group accumulated over time. Treasurer Randy Pullen accused Steele in a memo to RNC budget committee members Tuesday of failing to report the impending debt […]

Independents everywhere, including myself, have had the privilege of watching several big wigs in the two major political parties suffer humiliating professional and personal defeats due largely to their sheer ineptitude, greed, and smugness. One such figure, Michael Steele, is feeling the heat after members from within the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) have called for […]

The Republican National Committee’s Facebook page raised eyebrows after a racist picture appeared on the group’s fan page. A “fan” of the committee posted a picture of President Obama eating a piece of fried chicken with a caption that reads:   “Miscegenation is a crime against American values. Repeal Loving v. Virginia.”   Miscegenation or the […]

For several years, the Republican Party has asserted that they are they party of the people, offering less than insurmountable evidence of the claim with every opportunity given. Their latest testament to the cause, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, is a shining example of the beleaguered political faction’s attempt at affirmative action but can […]