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The treasurer of the Republican National Committee is making headlines now that he claims that RNC Chairman Michael Steele is responsible for failing to report $7 million in debt the group accumulated over time. Treasurer Randy Pullen accused Steele in a memo to RNC budget committee members Tuesday of failing to report the impending debt […]

Should we support the Democratic party solely because we have a hip, Black President? Are the Teapartyers an option for the Hip Hop generation? Before we answer these questions, we should consider the following… Do not commit to any side or cause but yourself. – Robert Greene “The 48 Laws of Power” Imagine a chessboard, […]

RNC Chairman Michael Steele wants to Lead Republicans to victory ‘By Any Means Necessary’. The chief spokesman and ideological head of the Republican Party is channeling the words and tactics of Malcolm X in an effort to defeat opponents in November, give over thirty black Republican candidates a fighting chance to upset the Democratic majority […]

The Atlanta Post: “If Michael Steele Fails, It Will Affect All Black Americans” Complex: “The 50 Worst Ways To Die (Nintendo Edition)” Bossip: “Ray J’s Mama Defends His Sex Tape Appearance: “Did You See Him On The Cover Of Playgirl???” Idolator: “Rihanna Causes A Champagne Supernova, Performs “Wonderwall” F-Listed: “Talk Show Host Gets Excited, Grabs […]

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is trying to ease the minds of members of his party now that one of his top officials has decided to step down. The RNC’s chief of staff Ken McKay made the announcement Monday that he would be leaving office just days after news broke that RNC funds were used in […]

Michael Steele has fired one of his staffers after the looming GOP money scandal that broke yesterday. According to Steele, the staffer he fired used $1,946 of GOP money at a racy club featuring women in bondage gear imitating lesbian sex, not him. An unnamed staffer lost his position as part of the “Young Eagles” […]

The chairman of the Republican National Committee is under fire after a report hit the net showing that he used nearly $2,000 of the GOP’s money at a bondage  club featuring topless dancers imitating lesbian sex. The Daily Caller is credited with first reporting his frivolous spending, saying that the chairman spent $1,946.25 at the […]

For several years, the Republican Party has asserted that they are they party of the people, offering less than insurmountable evidence of the claim with every opportunity given. Their latest testament to the cause, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, is a shining example of the beleaguered political faction’s attempt at affirmative action but can […]

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To say that Michael Steele is nothing more than a lapdog for the Republican Party would be nothing less than an insult to conservative canines around the world. The Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Steele was brought into the organization to bring more minorities to the party of small government and fiscal conservatism, a […]

At a Tuesday night healthcare forum at Howard University, RNC chairman Michael Steele slammed a 23-year-old audience member, whose mother recently passed away from cancer, without qualm. The auditorium was filled with about 150 students, the first two rows reserved for two dozen white members of a local young Republicans club. Steele’s appearance was part […]

Michael Steele is no stranger to political controversy. Like most Republicans, the national spotlight seems to shine brightest on the Chairman of the Republican National Committee when he is embroiled in some sort of scandal or news worthy hoopla, followed usually by an even more polarizing self-inflicted wound. Be that as it may, Steele has […]